Our History

LOCATED IN THE HEART OF AMERICA near Chicago is the complex of the Hausermann-owned greenhouses, one of the world's largest orchid ranges. At present, orchids are grown exclusively by means of highly automated and specialized methods.

When the founder, Mr. Carl Hausermann, started growing under glass during 1920, sweet peas, roses, and later gardenias were the crops for cutflower production.

Mr. Edwin Hausermann, son of the founder, began to acquire orchid plants in 1935 to eventually replace all roses and gardenias. Approximately 400,000 Cattleya blooms are now produced annually by HAUSERMANN'S ORCHIDS, INC.

During 1959 the sale of orchid plants and supplies was started. Volume increased steadily and quality, variety, and service was improved. In 1970 the former 'plant department' was founded as ORCHIDS BY HAUSERMANN, INC., in order to better serve the hobby orchid grower as well as the professional.

Demand for exquisite and unusual orchid plants has permitted steady growth and expansions of this firm, which serves local, mail order, and overseas customers. Hybrid orchid varieties are grown from seed, or acquired from many growers throughout the world. Superior plants of jungle origin, or of hybrid creation are multiplied in our own laboratory facilities by means of the meristem tissue culture method. This process will steadily improve quality, increase available variety, and make the most rare and exquisite orchid plant available to you.

Recently, many orchid species from around the world have become rare or nearly extinct due to man's encroachment on their native habitat. In 1990 alone, all Paphiopedilum and Phragmipedium species were declared endangered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. To this end, Hausermann's has formed an aggressive seed program to enhance the existence of many of these rare species.