Please Read Before Ordering

Thank you for considering Orchids by Hausermann, Inc. for your on-line orchid purchases. Please read the following so that you have a clear understanding of how to order and conditions of sale.

SHOPPING CART SYSTEM We decided to use this widely accepted system to make ordering as simple and easy to use as possible. You will note thumbnail photos adjacent to many (not all) of the varieties, you may click these photos to enlarge the image for the best possible view. When ordering from our on-line catalog, plants are usually not in bud or flower. If you order *blooming size plants and they are in their blooming season we will send in bud if the plants happen to be at that stage at time of shipment. Orchid plants in bud can be ordered from our Gift Orchids in Bud or Orchids in Bud sections. *See- Information regarding categories in our on-line catalog.

SHIPPING All plants are sent in pots, unless specified otherwise by customer. This will insure better adjustment to a different growing environment. If broken pots are incurred during shipping, just replace with a new pot of similar size. We do our best to process your order promptly. We usually are able to ship your order within a week during favorable weather. However, during winter and early spring, weather related backlogs do occur. There can be delays 4 weeks or longer during this period. If we feel we can ship during the Winter period we will advise you by email regarding the extra expense of air shipping. No response from you indicates you will wait till safe surface shipping conditions exist.

When you receive orchid plants from us via a common carrier (UPS etc.) always accept the shipment, even if the carton shows outward damage (even severe damage). Through our experience, and time tested packing, we find that the plants are rarely damaged inside the carton. If there is damage, please report to us immediately, we can than file a claim with the carrier. At that point will than make the proper adjusments/replacements. Please save shipping container and all packing materials for possible imspection by the carrier.

SHIPPING BEYOND CONTIGUOUS USA When ordering outside of the contiguous 48 states, you can order on-line. However, we will email you with information regarding additional shipping and documentation costs, plus other pertinent requirements for your specific order.

BUDDED AND IN-BUD GIFT SHIPPING Although we do our utmost to pack carefully we cannot be responsible for damage to the buds or flowers. Also, since the plants are no longer in our care we cannot guarantee their flower productivity

CONDITIONS OF SALE All plants are labeled to the best of our knowledge and free from any contagious disease. Safe arrival of a healthy orchid plant is guaranteed (buds & flowers are not). If you are not satisfied with the plant itself, we will replace it free of charge upon return of the original plant. Any complaints must be filed within TEN days of receipt of the plants. Our liability is restricted to the original purchase price of the plant only. *Information Regarding the Categories in our On-line Catalog (SHOWN BELOW)

ABBREVIATIONS This will make possible the choosing of most suitable varieties for your growing condition or color preference. The color ranges given are approximate, and cannot describe the full range of actual color combinations present in a particular bloom. A bloom color described a "green-lavender" may have a range of colors from yellow to deep purple, or may be attractively spotted.

Blooming Season:  F = Fall; W = Winter; S = Spring; SU = Summer

Temperature Ranges:
C  =  Cool growing variety for a cool greenhouse or growing space - 55 degrees F at night, 60-65 degrees F during daytime, 70 degrees F on sunny days is ideal .
 I   =  Intermediate temperature range is for this plant - 60 degrees F at night, 65-70 degrees F during daytime, 75 on sunny days.
=  Warm growing means an ideal temperature of 64 degrees F at night, 70-75 F during the daytime, and 80 degrees F with sun.

SPECIES ORCHIDS AND RELATED HYBRIDS The listed varieties are established in pots and ready to grow in your home or greenhouse. These varieties represent the widest possible color range, and can bring beauty, fragrance and interest to any orchid collection throughout the year. Some varieties will bloom in any size within the listed price range, however, others need to be of a larger size than listed to bloom. Hybrid varieties are shown with their related genera.

PAPHIOPEDILUM/PHRAGMIPEDIUM SPECIES & HYBRIDS Paphiopedilum/Phragmipedium Species & Hybrids - The selection of lady's slipper orchids represents the finest in breeding from Fox Valley Orchids, Ltd. and Orchids by Hausermann, Inc., collections. Since it is impossible to mericlone lady's slippers, plants must be grown from seed - a technically difficult process, while rare and /or awarded slipper orchids are available only by dividing the mother plant. This explains why slipper orchids tend to be a little more expensive than other orchids - supplies are always limited and demand always high, so we recommend ordering early to avoid disappointment. At this time, sales of lady's slipper species are restricted to our domestic market. Depending on variety, but most varieties listed in 2 1/4" pots are not blooming size while those listed in 3 1/2"- 4" pots may be blooming or near blooming size.

PHALAENOPSIS HYBRIDS Phalaenopsis grow and bloom easily under normal home growing conditions, and can easily be grown where African violets thrive. They prefer the even warm home temperature, like continuous moisture at the root system, and regular feeding. Plants bloom for several weeks, and re-bloom from the same bloom stem when 1/2 of the original flower stem is left after first blooming. The plants adapt well to artificial light growing. 4" pots or larger are considered blooming size, 3 1/2" pots are near blooming size.

PHALAENOPSIS MERICLONES Listed in this section are some of the finest Phalaenopsis available today. All are clonal propagations, so they will duplicate the original plant/flower in every respect. 4" pots are considered blooming size, 3 1/2" are near blooming size.

MERICLONES - CATTLEYA TYPE Shown here are our own meristem propagations of superior varieties. Excellent growing vigor, color and floriferousness as well as good blooming seasons are selected features. The parent plants are mainly from our own breeding stock, but we also use selected plants from anywhere in the U.S. and overseas. Meristem plants differ from seed-grown plants. They are multiplied by means of the meristem propagation method. A tiny cutting of only cell tissue is taken from a selected quality plant and is grown under laboratory environment. Many thousand plants can be produced from one parent plant, with the parent plant characteristics. Unlike seed-grown plants, meristem plants are uniform in bloom quality and color as well as plant habit and vigor. We are now making previously unobtainable, or extremely expensive plants, available to anyone at reasonable prices. When listed in 5-10" pot sizes the plants are of blooming size, or close to blooming, while 2-4" pot sizes may take 2-5 years to bloom.

CYMBIDIUM MERICLONES Listed here is an excellent selection of the popular Cymbidium Orchid. You will find listed miniature as well as standard sizes in an assortment of colors. Mature Cymbidiums require a high degree of light and cool temperatures. We highly recommend growing them outdoors during the summer and early fall. Cymbidiums are terrestrial, so they generally enjoy a rapid growth rate during the spring and summer. Plants should be watered and fed frequently during this period, less in the fall and winter months. The plants listed are smaller in size and will respond better with warm temperatures and indoor growing until they reach maturity. (6-7" pot size).