Psychopsis Mendenhall 'Hildos' FCC/AOS

Psychopsis Mendenhall 'Hildos' FCC/AOS

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CH-20294 Psychopsis Mendenhall 'Hildos' FCC/AOS - 2.5 inch pot. Flowers are about 2 inches wide and about 5 inches tall. Mature blooming plants can reach 3 feet tall or more. Known as the Butterfly Orchid. These are about 2 years from blooming. Usually blooms in late winter or early spring. Mature plants can bloom 3-4 times a year off the same flowering stem. So don't cut off the flowering stem after the flower falls off. It can bloom again off there. These have really awesome varigated foliage as well. These can be a bit of a challenge to grow. When watering try not to get the leaves wet. Also make sure they dry out fairly well. These dont take well to repotting so try to leave it go as long as possible.